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PT.teratai nupeus indonesia

About Us

We are international and national business partners engaged in the field of supplying coconut fiber and cocopeat, both small parties and large parties, which bridge local coconut farmers to supply the international market. and we continue to innovate to produce the best coconut fiber and cocopeat so that we can become a favorite in the international market.

And we always strive to provide the best service to our customers and treat them like kings, with concepts such as family and harmony, thus creating a comfortable feel when our customers interact with us.

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Our mision

Synergize to move forward together and bring goodness into people’s lives by developing the local and national economy through local and international trade

Our vision

We prioritize quality and service in products and marketing.
Through innovation we seek to improve the way we create product value and the comfort and importance of our customers.
We treat all our customers like family, thereby creating harmonious business relationships like a family relationship and upholding the values of ethics and honesty.

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With science life becomes easy, with art life becomes beautiful, with faith life becomes purposeful.

Jenal abidin adam alfarizy



Co. Founder